shoesKaitrin McMullan

Professional Storyteller

Dunedin, New Zealand

Pearls and Poems

This section is a collection of quotes that appeal to me, from various sources including my own blurt-mouth!

“Life is too short to stuff a tomato”

maternal wisdom passed down from my own lovely mother

“Feel it with your bare feet Mum, touch with BOTH hands!”

4 year-old son running along velvety beach one fine day

“Life is a myth tree”

from myself



Every day

It starts with a snippet
One bird takes on the night
Beakful by beakful she drinks the dark
Till she can hold no more
Tipping back her head
She calls the night into day
One voice threads the sky
The loom shuttles into action
Silver songs of light weft and weave
This blue-black fabric of dreams
Now a thousand fingers of rain
Join the chorus
Washing the world for a brand-new day
Kua whiti te ra!


Note: this poem is currently featured as one of the Poems in the Waiting Room (NZ).


One blind mouse

We found it in the wild garden, my brother and I
A half-blind demented mouse
Crazed by constant left-hand turns
Round and round and round again
In the shoe-box home we provided
Like proud parents we had plans
A dervish mouse, a circus mouse
A mouse to hold and command
The crowds would swoon with envy
Lesser mice got snapped up
By my fathers metal-mouthed traps
But in our family we are generally kind
To spiders and failing fieldmice

By the morning it was dead


Listening to the Edge
aka my son’s winning the radio war

Mark Laughton is very excited
He told me so himself, personally
On the radio
He went to Japan
Home of Shinto Buddhism
He had a once-in-a-lifetime experience
So now it’s out with the old
And in with the new

If you go to Mark’s shrine
On Andy Bay road
The one with the gaily-coloured helium balloons
Tugging on strings of hope
Bobbing in the infinite blue
Old King Cole’s merry old soul
Well for just $9999 easy-credit-terms-available
You can buy an old car!
What a bargain, a mere snip!

Though I wonder
How much it would cost, minus G.S.T.
Just to release all the balloons?


Bush Song

Crossing the chattering creek, I tip-
Toe over slippery stones and clutch over-
Hanging branches, shaggy with moss and in-
Firm, they creak words of wisdom to the
Silent shadows, who dip and dance at the water’s
Edge, and I try to keep dry when a sudden
Snigger, Piwakawaka’s chiding song
Stumbles me in and over, boots and all…
After that I stride easy
Squelching from rock to rock
Marveling at this green-lipped choir
This silver-tongued stream
Whose sweet music washes my fears


Marion and Lois

She loves cats
So in their skin
How they find a perfect sun-puddle
And sink into dust-mote slumber
Belly up, eyes shut, twitch tail dreaming
They walk across the south Island
Dressed to kill