shoesKaitrin McMullan

Professional Storyteller

Dunedin, New Zealand

What the punters say:

“The children and I were spellbound. I have heard storytellers before but she is great!”

Teacher, Whataroa School.

“The children were entranced! The energy, enthusiasm, Maori pronunciation and information delivered in the stories was brilliant. An intriguing and memorable experience which inspired teachers and children to try storytelling in the classroom.”

Jo Newton, Principal, Haast School.

“When you told us the selkie story I could smell the salt, I was right there on the beach. Magical!”

Ffranses Ingram, professional storyteller from Sydney.

“Your storytelling is legendary”

Andrew (Age 8), Dunedin.

“Rapport with the audience was excellent, and the “volunteer” is a reserved child so you did well to get him to role-play. Highly appropriate for the NZ curriculum. Spellbinding!”

Amanda Prescott, classroom teacher, Jacobs River School.

“Kaitrin is a born storyteller who immediately engages the children’s attention … the class was literally spellbound for an hour … and Kaitrin was able to improvise during her programme and to respond to children’s changing energy levels … a natural educator using her narratives to extend children’s horizons. I have no hesitation recommending Kaitrin’s services whole heartedly.”

M.Cunningham, Lecturer Dunedin College of Education.

“Kaitrin told stories to our children who were spellbound for the hour she was here. When you are taking the risk of storytelling to a large group of 2 and 3 year-old children and they remain interested and attentive throughout the session then you know the storyteller is AN EXPERT.”

Otago Polytechnic Preschool.

“Quality of the performance was fantastic! Loved the irish accent! And children engrossed throughout.”

Silverstream School.

“Kaitrin’s CD is highly recommended. My junior class want to hear the stories and songs again and again.”

J. Wolbers Principal, Franz Josef School.

“Excellent choice of material and Kaitrin really knows her audience and always tailors her performance to suit the vibe she is getting from them…I was particularly impressed by her ability to manage a misbehaving child without causing a fuss or drama.”

Otago Museum Community Programmes Officer.

“Man you guys are cool!”

Liam, pupil at Lake Brunner School.

“Awesome show - children learn best and retain information when they are able to interact and participate in the learning, and have fun at the same time.”

Reid Park Kindergarten.

“The children were fully engaged, enthralled right from the start.”

“The resourcing was phenomenal.”

“The children were motivated to work, even in their lunchtimes!”

“The programme was a springboard for oral language development.”

“Such positive interactions, energetic, thorough.”

“Integrated into our school wide inquiry to fit our needs.”

Teacher comments from Artist-in-Residence Port Chalmers School.

“Excellent choice of material, age-appropriate and held audiences attention…enjoyed the different voices and props.”

Teacher, Kavanagh Secondary College, Dunedin.


Schools I have recently visited who will give feedback over the phone


Workshop feedback

“Easy and quick to make resources, great ideas in such a short time. Thank you for emailing more ideas….very talented, practical and GREAT! Thank you, (I liked) being able to talk and not just listen…hands on.”

Feedback from puppet workshop.

“Vibrant and enthusiastic workshop which included maximum participation for those involved. Excellent advice from a very talented lady.”

Storytelling Workshop participant, Southern Seminar.